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Closing the Digital Divide in Washington, DC

Tech Together is a values-led partnership between DC government, non-profit community, academia and industry working together to bridge the digital divide through access, training and opportunity.

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Featured Initiative :
Community Internet Program

The Community Internet Program (CIP) allows any Internet Service Provider (ISP) free access to the roofs of DC-owned buildings, operated by the Department of General Services, to install service antennas if they commit to providing resident connectivity with high-speed connections (200 Mbps up/200 Mbps down or higher) at reduced or no cost to households eligible for the federal Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). 

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Tech Together Action Areas

Increase Access to Internet Service

Increase Access to Internet-enabled Devices & IT Support

Demystify Technology through Awareness, Training & Access to Opportunities

How Joining Tech Together
will benefit DC

Residents, businesses and nonprofits

  • Career and education pathways and opportunities to upskill

  • Increased earning power

  • Eliminating access to and cost of technology barriers to success

  • Trusted and respected connections to the tech industry

  • A diverse and supportive tech community

Economic Development

  • Greater diversity in the tech sector

  • A collaborative industry

  • An environment that supports innovation and entrepreneurship

  • Improved business processes

  • Enhanced community reputation


  • High performance culture

  • Workforce capacity and public service improvements

  • Access to quality training and professional development comparable to the private industry

  • Strong, reliable and resilient tech infrastructure

Get Involved
How to Join 

Step 1. Fill out the Pledge Application

Step 2. Commit to the Elements of the Pledge

Step 3. Track Progress

Step 4. Become a TechTogether Leader

By taking the pledge, you or your organization is joining a community of partners that believes in, and is committing to, creating opportunity for everyone by reducing the barriers of tech and internet access.

The Pledge is a shared set of goals, benefits and principals that signal a new way of working together. The Pledge sets out action areas, commitments, resources and ways partners can support Bridging the Digital Divide. 


Signing the pledge is voluntary and free to make.

Sign Up to be a Partner 

Submit this Application to start making a difference today

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