Action Areas

Tech Together Action Areas

Increase Access to Internet Service

Demystify Technology through Awareness, Training & Access to Opportunities

Increase Access to Internet-enabled Devices & IT Support

Increase technology savviness within DC Government

The Tech Together Action Areas embody our #DCHOPE values by allowing every DC resident access to:


  • Health: increase tele-health digital literacy 

  • Opportunity: for residents looking for new careers or education paths in tech 

  • Prosperity: a skilled tech workforce which attracts economic development

  • Equity: by creating a more inclusive tech ecosystem 

Elements of the Action Areas

Action Area 1

Increase Access to Internet Service

  1. Increase Access to Internet Service

    • Make available free internet service for residents

    • Make available low-cost internet service for non-profits and small businesses.

  2. Increase Small Business ISP Opportunities

    • Provide community targeted WiFi hubs using DC Net as middle mile integrator

Action Area 2

Increase access to internet-enabled devices and IT Support

  1. Increase Access to Internet-enabled Devices & Software

    • Make available free devices and/or software to residents, non-profits or small businesses.

    • Make available low-cost devices and/or software to non-profits and small businesses.

  2. Increase Access to Tech Support

    • Provide free or low-cost IT support for residents, nonprofits and residents.

Action Area 3

Demystify Technology through Awareness, Training & Access to Opportunities 

  1. Access to Training & Education

    • Empowering the tech-enabled classroom.

    • Provide virtual tech skill programs for youth and adults

    • Provide opportunities to tech-enabled internships and apprenticeships

  2. Sustainable support of tech communities

    • Invest in community-based and virtual Innovation hubs offering tech training, networking, resources and other opportunities.

Action Area 4

Increase Technology Savviness within DC Government

  1. Increasing Tech savviness of DC Government

    • Sponsor a DC Digital Services Corps fellow.

    • Provide training resources

  2. Improve government processes and systems

    • Partner with existing vendor or bid on OCTO BPR contract

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