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Connect Potomac Gardens

Provides the 700 residents of Potomac Gardens with free high-speed Wi-Fi service in their apartments and common areas. This website provides information about the internet service, digital literacy training programs, and local resources available online.



Beginning March of 2022, Potomac Gardens residents started to receive free Wi-Fi in their apartments and common areas. The internet is delivered by the DC-NET fiber optic network and powered by local wireless access provider, ETTE. This program is managed in partnership by the DC Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) and DC Housing Authority (DCHA).

Along with in-home internet, DC will be hosting digital literacy programs for residents on-site including computer safety and privacy, social media 101 and others. If you are a resident at Potomac Gardens you have the opportunity to tell us what kind of training you want to see: Please fill out the survey

Working from Home

Tell Us What Kind of Digital Literacy Programs
You Want




ETTE technicians will be at Potomac Gardens for 3-4 weeks installing Access Points in 34 locations in hallways and common areas



Tech Together Team members will be on site to answer questions and collect feedback on preferred Digital Literacy Trainings


Service available

Service will be turned on for use by residents.


training program begins

Digital literacy trainings and workshops will be scheduled throughout 2022/2023. Check back here to sign-up!


Support and feedback

Tech Together will gather feedback and monitor support to ensure service availability and quality of service.

  • What is the name (SSID) of the network? It’s called 'Connect Potomac Gardens'

  • Where can I access the network? In your apartments and common areas. 

  • What is the password? There is no password required. You simply need to accept the terms of service agreement

  • Can I hook up my desktop? You can only hook up your desktop if it has a wireless adaptor

  • Can I hook up my Xbox or Playstation? No. It will not connect because you have to accept the terms of service agreement which cannot be done from the consoles

  • Can I use the service for streaming videos on my computer? Yes, you can

  • Can I use it for virtual learning like Zoom, Canvas, or Teams? Yes, you can

  • How fast is the connection? You should be able to download over 100 mbps and upload over 20 mbps. You can test your speed here.

  • What is an Access Point? An Access Point is a device that creates a wireless local area network. Access Points (AP’s) are located in hallways and common areas of the apartment complex. Please leave the AP's alone, if becomes unplugged or disconnected it may lead to a disruption of internet service.

  • What are the terms of using the service? For full terms of use please visit


Your feedback is important. Please share your questions and concerns with the Tech Together team. 

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