Academia & Education

Community College Prep Academy Adult Public Charter School

The mission of Community College Preparatory Academy (CCPrep) is to provide the education and skills development that will empower and prepare under-credited adults for postsecondary education success, viable employment and lifelong learning. We raise funds to support tech access for our adult learners.

General Assembly

We provide pro bono services in coordination with student projects, to help connect folks and teams to our alumni and partners, and to share opportunities within our greater community to learn or get support through learning or access to partners. We want to explore providing discounts or free course options for front-line workers, DC government and citizens.

Trinity Washington University

Trinity is developing academic programs including postsecondary courses and certificates to improve educational opportunities for DC residents who want to become more tech proficient. Trinity provides continuing education courses for teachers to improve tech skills, and we are developing low cost programs for adults to develop skills in topics such as data analytics.